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Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio

Welcome to City Base Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontia in San Antonio. We provide dental care and orthodontics for infants, children, and adolescents. We offer a warm and welcoming environment for your children, ensuring they receive the best care they deserve without having to be frightened of their San Antonio dentist. We provide gentle and considerate care, working with the child’s individual needs and response. Dr Casey Elkins also believes the wishes of the parents are incredibly important, and we treat each family on a personalized basis.

We are more than a pediatric dental practice. We offer a complete experience that will help your child be comfortable with a regular visit to our pediatric dentist. We use the latest dental technology, implemented by a qualified and experienced team. We also firmly believe that proper oral care should exist beyond the dental practice, and we help and encourage our patients to achieve a healthy routine at home.


Children are not merely ‘small adults’. Young patients require specialized care, both physically and emotionally, and therefore it is preferable that they are treated by someone with the requisite knowledge and experience.



Proper oral care should begin in early infancy. Even if you’re still nursing and your child does not yet have teeth, it is important to encourage good habits, regular care, and the right tools (such as the correct toothbrush and toothpaste!).



Contrary to popular assumption, pediatric dentistry is not just about treating children. We treat young people, whether the patient is a baby, toddler, or even teenager. In fact, we often treatment patients well into adulthood. For example, many of our patients stay with us throughout college.



Some dental emergencies are obvious: a broken tooth that’s been knocked out in an accident, a molar that’s been cracked, or a sudden excruciatingly painful toothache. For situations such as these, we are happy to help and provide the requisite treatment for your children.



It’s clichéd, but it’s true all the same: prevention is better than cure. That’s why we put a heavy emphasis on helping our patients prevent dental problems before they appear or become serious. Kids need help to instil good oral hygiene.


The benefits of proper orthodontic treatment and care go far beyond a more pleasing appearance; they include teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime and a healthier mouth. If you’re interested in undergoing orthodontic care, contact Cochran Orthodontics today to schedule your appointment.
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Comprehensive Treatment

Pediatric dentistry requires specialized training following dental school and residency. This ensures your child receives the benefit of specialized care for their specific needs, which is incredibly important considering the significant developmental stages your child will go through before adulthood.

We provide comprehensive treatment that covers the oral health of your child from infancy to adulthood. We treat infants, toddlers, children, teenarers, and also provide complete orthodontics. Many of our patients stay with us after the age of 18, for example when they go off to college.

Visiting a dentist regularly is incredibly important for your child:

  • It helps to prevent tooth decay. We can catch problems early, preventing serious tooth decay.

  • Helps against gum disease. Serious periodontal disease can lead to the loss of teeth.

  • Helps keep your smile bright and healthy. It’s not just adults who worry about a nice smile. Regular checkups will ensure teeth are kept clean, free of bacteria, and unstained by food or drinks.

Scheduling a ‘First Visit’

We know how daunting the experience of visiting a dental practice can be, and not just for the children! That’s why we have created a kid-friendly environment that caters specifically to children. It takes away the sterile and impersonal nature of the average dental practice, and exudes a warm and welcoming environment from the moment you step through our doors.

We specialize in first visits for children in order to help them establish a ‘dental home’ early in life. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children do this by the time they celebrate their first birthday, helping to create a healthy oral health care routine. They won’t have many teeth yet, but it’s still important to schedule that initial appointment early.

The first visit is essentially a routine examination. It is gentle, short, and provides an opportunity for parents and child to meet the dentist. We will be given an opportunity to learn more about your family and your child’s specific needs. Your child can start getting used to someone looking inside their mouths, which will stand them in good stead when they return for future visits. In addition, this initial visit will consist of looking for signs of any potential future issues.

Preventative Care

We strongly believe in a proactive approach, employing preventative measures to ensure problems are detected early. This helps to prevent painful, time consuming, and expensive dental work in the future. While your child may initially not enjoy their first visits, most kids that are exposed to a dental office early in life will begin to see it as part of their normal routine.

Routine checkups can catch the loss of enamel, tooth decay, and gum disease at points where they are very easy to treat. In addition to the prevention of more serious oral health problems, they can also help combat other issues, such as speech impediments and bone loss.

We also put strong focus on giving you the tools to help your child fight tooth decay and other oral health problems. For example, we can help build a diet, nursing, and hygiene routine for you and your child. We can also offer extensive advice on daily activities such as brushing and flossing (it varies between ages!).


We’re more than happy to discuss your child’s needs with you during a no-pressure phone call. We have years of experience with a wide range of oral health issues, so don’t be concerned or embarrassed about any questions you may have for our Pediatric Dentist.

We believe your child deserves the best possible care, whether they are just celebrating their first birthday or are about to head off to college. Call us today to find out more about the comprehensive services we offer.

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